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Stretch Hood Film

Reducing Costs and Increasing Sustainability in Packaging


Our stretch hood films are made from Metallocene, EVA, POE, has excellent tensile properties and elasticity,Manufactured in roll form and applied to pallet loads using a stretch hood machine. Closely conforms to the shape of the pallet and its load, providing stability, protection and tamper resistance. Improve packaging efficiency and reduce material usage.

Products Description

Stretch hood film can be stretched in both the horizontal and vertical directions, allowing it to conform tightly to the shape of the pallet and the products on it. This elasticity ensures that the load is securely wrapped and held in place.It helps distribute the tension evenly across the entire load. resistant to moisture, dust, and UV radiation, which helps protect the goods from environmental factors during outdoor storage or transportation.

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Item Stretch hood film
DIMENTION Width [Kmax] Side gusset [Kmax] Circumference Thickness Roll diameter [Kmax]
Gusseted layflat tubing 3100mm 750mm 1000-6500mm 25-180mic 1000mm
124 “ 30 “ 40 n -260 “ 1-7.2mil 40 “
Option • Stretch options in transversal direction according to the needs
• Additives: Anti-Static, Opaque Colors, Anti-UV
• Punched and Inkjet coding
• Winded up on PVC cores
• Core inner diameter:3″ (76 mm) ,6″ (150 mm)
• Packaging: air bubble film, poly bag, wooden box
• Recommended stretch hood wrapping machine producers: MSK, Lachenmeier, Beumer

key features and advantages of stretch hood film:

1.Stretchability:  The film has a high degree of stretchability, allowing it to be stretched over the palletized load, creating a snug fit.
2.Strength and Durability: Stretch hood films are designed to be strong and durable, providing load containment and protection during transportation and storage.
3.Cost-effective: Compared to traditional methods of pallet wrapping, such as shrink wrapping or strapping, stretch hood film can be a cost-effective solution. It requires less material to achieve the same or better load stability.
4.Versatility: Stretch hood film is suitable for a wide range of products and industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and manufacturing.
5.Efficiency: The application process of stretch hood film is often automated, allowing for quick and efficient pallet wrapping in industrial settings.

Stretch hood film application:

stretch hood film is a versatile and efficient packaging solution commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, construction materials, chemicals, and more.
Food and Beverage Industry: such as canned goods, beverages, and packaged food items.
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare:The film’s ability to tightly wrap loads contributes to the protection of sensitive medical supplies.
Chemicals and Petrochemicals: such as polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE & etc.), Polypropylene
Building Materials: such as tiles, bricks, insulation materials, and other construction components.
Consumer Goods: Such as electronics, appliances, and household products.

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