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Shrink Hood Film

Optimized Pallet Load Safety and Protection


Pallet shrink bags for pallet packaging, is suitable for high-speed automatic production and heat shrink gun, it is well sealed, tight and of high intensity.The packing will not loose or bales off, which is especially suitable for pallet packaging systems.

Products Description

Shrink hood film typically refers to a packaging method where a heat-shrinkable film or material is used to cover and secure a palletized load of goods or products. The film is heated, causing it to shrink and conform tightly to the shape of the load, creating a secure and stable packaging.

The process involves placing the shrink hood film over the palletized goods and then applying heat, either through a heat tunnel or other heat sources. As the film shrinks, it tightly encases the products, providing protection from dust, moisture, and tampering during transportation and storage.

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Item Shrink hood film
DIMENTION Width [Kmax] Side gusset [Kmax] Circumference[Kmax] Thickness Roll diameter [Kmax]
Gusseted layflat tubing 3100mm 750mm 6500mm 25-180mic 1000mm
124 " 30 " 260 " 1-7.2mil 40 "
Option • Shrinkage in machine (longitude) and transversal direction according to the needs
• Additives: Anti-Static, Opaque Colors, Anti-UV
• Available in Bag Form / Roll Form
• Winded up on PVC cores
• Inkjet coding
• Core inner diameter:3″ (76 mm)
• Packaging: air bubble film, poly bag, wooden box

key features and advantages of shrink hoods

1. Protection from External Elements
2. Anti-tampering enhances the safety of packaged goods
3. High transparency facilitates inventory management and quality control
4. Can be customized for various load sizes
5. High cost performance
6. Reduce packaging weight, reduce transportation costs and benefit environmental protection

Shrink hood film application:

The use of shrink covers can be adapted to various industries that require safe and effective packaging of palletized goods for transportation and storage. Can be operated on all automatic shrink hood systems or manually using a heat shrink gun.
1. Chemical industry (pallets, containers, boxes, etc.)
2. Building materials (bags of cement, bricks, ceramic tiles, etc.)
3. Food and beverage industry (food, beverages, etc.)
4.Retail and consumer goods (home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines)
5. Glass industry (glass bottle, etc)
6. Logistics and Distribution

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