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Net Replacement Film

Innovative Alternative to Traditional Net Wrap


Net replacement film is an alternative to traditional netting used in the baling process for hay and straw. It serves a similar purpose to traditional netting by securing and binding the bale, but it is a film-based replacement film is made from polyethylene. It is designed to be strong and tear-resistant to secure the bale effectively.

Products Description

Our net replacement film is manufactured under strict quality practices, from high quality raw materials and specifically suit the newer generation combination round baler machines, or combo baler wrappers such as McHale, Vicon, Krone .In combination with high-quality silage wrap, highly compressed bales of precisely cylindrical shape can be produced while optimally retaining the energy and nutrient content of forage.

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Item Net replacement film
DIMENTION Width Length Thickness MOQ for custom pack
Single wound sheeting 1280mm 2000,2400m 13,16mic 720 rolls
51.2 “ 6666,8000’ 0.52,0.64mil 720 rolls
1380mm 2000,2400m 13,16mic 720 rolls
55.2 “ 6666,8000’ 0.52,0.64mil 720 rolls
Option • Colour: transparent
• Production process: 5-layer co-extrusion blown film
• Winded up on cardboard cores
• Core inner diameter:3″ (76 mm)
• Packaging: poly bag


Net replacement film is a practical solution for modern baling operations, offering efficiency, improved performance, and potential environmental benefits.
1.Reduced Waste:  Compared to traditional netting, net replacement film can result in less waste. It may be more easily recyclable, contributing to more sustainable agricultural practices.
2.Improved Bale Integrity:  The use of net replacement film can enhance the integrity of the bale, preventing it from unraveling or becoming loose during handling, storage, or transportation.
3.Ease of Recycling:  Depending on the specific material and local recycling capabilities, net replacement film may be more easily recyclable than traditional netting.
4.Time Efficiency:  Applying net replacement film can be a faster process than using traditional netting, saving time during the baling operation.
5.Storage and Handling Benefits:  The film provides a smooth surface, reducing the likelihood of snagging or catching during storage and handling.


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